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Solar Pergola, our sustainable heating solution for cafes, pubs, restaurants and outdoor living, Pure magic.

Solar Pergola, How does it work?

The Solar Pergola captures heat from the sun, stores it and uses it when needed to heat people in a cost-effective and zero carbon way.

The sun's heat is captured and stored in heat stores. Then in the evening, that heat is pumped into slats and warms the space beneath.

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Flexible design

Our Pergola Heaters are designed with flexibility in mind, and can be adapted to your venues needs.


Planters allow plants to cascade down, watered by the rainfall on the roof

Cladding with similar materials and in a sympathetic style to surroundings easily added

Combinations allow such things as serving areas to be configured


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Reliable and versatile.

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Running costs are very low.

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It’s long lasting & has very low maintenance.

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It is modular, so it adapts to different requirements.


Configurable plant pots

Drinks shelves

Plant throughs


Sustainable outdoor heating fills a very large hole in the net zero plans of hospitality. The Solar Polar Pergola heater uniquely fills that gap. The Pergola heater not only replaces the carbon emitting alternatives but the heat given off is much more benign. Less like sitting next to an open oven door and more like sitting next to a wall in the evening that has been bathes in the afternoon sun.

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Use Case 01

Cafes & Restaurants

Outside spaces can be generously warmed without use of electric or gas heaters giving comfortable social space, zero emissions and a running cost saving so great that the heater very soon pays for itself and releases the owner from anxiety about increases in fuel costs.

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Use Case 02

Pubs & Bars

Pubs and bars rely on outside space to increase significantly the number of customers that they can serve. This allows service year-round without the high costs

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Use Case 03

Gardens & Terraces

The world has got a lot more aware to the joys of outdoor living and the pergola heater opens up much more of the year to enjoying socialising outside in gardens and on terraces

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Use Case 04

Weddings & Events

The Terrace heaters can be grouped to create larger solar-heated spaces for outdoor events such as weddings and parties.

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