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R&D project: a sustainable outdoor heating system.

What is Solar Flower?

Solar Flower is the world’s first zero carbon patio heater, that's being developed by Solar Polar's R&D team. Our solar outdoor heater works by capturing thermal energy from the sun which is stored in slats sitting under glass.

During daylight hours, the sun’s energy is stored as thermal energy in the slats. Solar Flower petals are angled towards the sun to maximise the energy collected. The sun's heat is stored in slats filled with thermal storage material inside the petals. 

During the evening, the day cools down the petals' angle downwards, and the slats are rotated. Heat is radiated to warm people below. Also, Solar Flower is designed to provide lighting and phone charging.

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How does it work?

The Solar Flower heater works by capturing thermal energy from the sun in thermal collector material filled collector slats sitting under a Frenel concentrator lens on a double glazed glass panel. The glass traps the heat inside the solar thermal slat.

During daylight hours, the sun's energy is stored as thermal energy in the slats. When warmth is required, the slats are turned over, and the stored energy is projected downwards to warm anyone below the heater. 

How much heat will you get from a solar heater? In the summer, the solar patio heater will, when the slats are inverted, radiate 750W/sq.m. After 3.5 hours, this will reduce to 350W/sq.m (1kW/sq.m is the equivalent of the sun's strength at noon on a hot summer's day in the UK). In the winter, the solar terrace heater will output 300W/sq.m. After 3.5 hours, this will reduce to 250W/sq.m, still a very comfortable warmth. These numbers are assuming no heat is stored from the previous day. In comparison, gas and electric heaters will run continuously as long as the gas and electricity are available.

How does it feel? The heater gives off heat at very long-wave infrared. These wavelengths are a very benign and comfortable source of heating. That compares to the shorter wavelengths emanating from electrical and gas heaters that can be very uncomfortable at close range. The heater will also act as a sunshade during the day, not just cutting off direct sunlight but also absorbing the heat.

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No mains electricity needed.

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Comfortable heat, even from
a short distance.

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Produces only the amount of energy needed.

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It is modular, so it adapts to different environments.

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