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We’ve developed a patented simple and effective high temperature collector with a competitive advantage over other solar collectors.

Solar Concentrator

Solar Polar has developed a patented simple and effective high temperature collector with a competitive advantage over other solar collectors

It uses a printing technique to create micro-mirrors over the surface of a laminate.

These can focus the sunlight on a small collector tube, gathering heat.

Given appropriate solar irradiation, it can be used to reach temperatures of over 250oC.

Key benefits
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The Heat Sweet Spot:
100ºC to 250ºC

SP collectors produce more Watts/£ than solar thermal competitors between 100ºC and 250ºC.

The highlighted area demonstrates the cost effectiveness curves for ideal temperature ranges with different collector types.


Flat Plate

Evacuated Tube

Solar Polar

Solar Polar (Future)

Parabolic Trough

Mirror-Based Fresnel

Image of Solar Cooling Technology

Key benefits

The Solar Polar’s unique new collector can generate heat at temperatures previously only possible with fossil fuels or precison-made parabolic trough or Fresnel collectors. It is at the same time zero-emissions and cost effective. This opens up the financial and environmental benefits of solar thermal heat to the mainstream markets for high temperature heat.

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Many applications in warmer countries

Increased solar irradiation in warmer countries allows Solar Polar’s solar thermal collectors to be used in many more applications.

The idea latitudes for maximum benefits are  between 10º and 30º

Appropriate for solar thermal power plants


Very Good


Not appropriate

Image of Solar Cooling Technology

Source: Solar Millennium AG, Erlangen

Cooling applications

  • Air conditioning

  • Refrigeration

  • Ice-making

  • Mine cooling

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Heating applications

  • Terrace heaters

  • Greenhouse heating

  • Industrial steam

  • Industrial drying

    Desalination brine drying

    Solar cooking

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Reliable, & versatile

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Running costs are very low.

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It’s long lasting & has very low maintenance.

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It is modular, so it adapts to different requirements.

Use Case 01

Commercial Heating

The solar collector can provide heat at a range of temperatures and can integrate seamlessly into commercial heating applications. Even to existing cooling equipment where that is provided by absorption chillers.

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Use Case 02

Industry Steam

Industrial heat, especially where that is provided in the form of steam, can be provided up to temperatures of 220 Centigrade. Solar generated steam is simple and easy to deploy in existing systems. This can replace expensive electrical or fossil fuel powered boiler generated steam.

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Shipping, Deployment & emergency use

Solar Collectors can be shipped to site in shipping containers, which can be part of the deployment structure.

They can be moved around as an emergency supply of energy in modified 40ft containers. They can also be used on roof or carport structures to reduce the footprint.

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