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Med Box

Our refrigeration solution to preserve vaccines and medicines in developing countries.

What is Med Box?

Med Box is our solution for preserving vaccines and medicines. Vaccine refrigeration is a very high added-value low volume sector but with enormous benefits to remote communities.

Med box consists in a number of cooling modules (depending on the quantity of cooling requested) each of them attached to a refrigerator. Installation is extremely simple and safe since there are no electrical, or water connections to be made. The modules can be mounted on a roof or the wall of a building, or even in the open air.

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There have been many attempts to make solar PV panel driven solar vaccine fridges over the years. These suffer from; high cost, fragility in areas with little access to skilled repair technicians and materials, high levels of complexity and resulting short lifespans. They provide immense benefits as long as they last and if there are the significant funds needed to supply them, but Africa is littered with the rusting remains of the broken and not very old product. There is a desperate need for a long-lasting, simple to maintain and low-cost alternative, and that is what our technology provides.

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Few electrical parts and very little electrical power are needed.

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Running costs are very low

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It’s long lasting & has very low maintenance.

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It is modular, so it adapts to different requirements.

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Vaccines cooling in Africa

Solar cooling is vital to helping countries increase immunisation coverage and equity, reaching children with lifesaving vaccines and protecting them against deadly diseases. To ensure that vaccines are widely available and remain cold, safe and effective throughout the entire supply chain.

Each country’s immunisation programme needs access to high-performing and well-maintained cold chain equipment. Such cold chain equipment, when available at the required cold chain points-in-country, will increase vaccine availability, potency, and safety, this will help to improve immunisation coverage.

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