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Solar Heat

A Sustainable
Cooling Solution

We produce an affordable air-conditioning and refrigeration system using Solar Cooling technology.

Our mission is to enable developing countries with a new off-grid cooling solution, and rid the world of unsustainable air-conditioning systems.

Image of Solar Cooling Technology

The Solar Cooling technology.

We are bringing to market a refrigeration and air-conditioning device that requires no electricity, has no moving parts, is silent and uses natural refrigerants.

Our design philosophy is to develop a system that provides the cheapest watt of cooling. To do this, we have developed a solar thermal-driven cooling module, using an absorption refrigeration system.

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For the 1.5 bn people worldwide without grid electricity, at least half of them could benefit from the Solar Polar system, providing refrigeration for fundamental uses such as medicines and food. This would have a massive socio-economic impact.

In addition to this, Solar Polar technology helps reducing the heat island effect suffered in many cities, because it stores the heat in a water tank, instead of releasing it in the environment.

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We targeted specific use cases, where we can have a great impact and a viable route to market. Tap on each box to discover more.

Med Box

Our refrigeration solution to preserve vaccines and medicines in developing countries.

Crop Box

Our refrigeration solution to reduce food and crops wastage in developing countries.

Cool Box

Our sustainable air cooling solution for private and public buildings.

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